Episode 6

Published on:

1st Jul 2020

06. Paul, Gospel, Law and Grace - Romans 2:17-29 with Pieter Lalleman

Pieter Lalleman is tutor in Biblical Studies at Spurgeon's College and is a published author. He specialises in the New Testament and has authored books on Acts and Revelation. Two of his books mentioned on the show are listed below.

Pieter takes us through the second half of Romans 2 and unpacks the consistency between Old and New Testament where covenants and obedience are concerned. He also helps us understand the purpose of the law and how we should read it today.

Pieter gives us a quick guide to commentaries and recommends a starting point for us where Romans is concerned. His recommended resources are below along with his books and links to Spurgeon's College for those interested in studying theology or training for ministry.



Pieter Lalleman, The Hidden Unity of the Bible: Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament http://www.mannachristiancentre.co.uk/product/9781913181161.htm

Pieter Lalleman, Enduring Treasure: The Lasting Value if the Old Testament for Christians http://www.mannachristiancentre.co.uk/product/9781910942765.htm

Hetty Lalleman, Celebrating the Law: Rethinking Old Testament Ethics https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celebrating-Law-Rethinking-Testament-Ethics/dp/1780784465/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=hetty+lalleman&qid=1593559166&sr=8-2

Tom Wright, Paul for Everyone: Romans Part 1 http://www.mannachristiancentre.co.uk/product/9780281057368.htm

Douglas Moo, Encountering the Book of Romans http://www.mannachristiancentre.co.uk/product/9780801025464.htm


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